Hello newly engaged couples! I'm Kelsey Knoop, Wedding planner and Owner of Satin and Slate based in the KW region of Ontario. I pride myself on my highly customized and unique events that cater to the Couples ideas and dreams for their special day. I specialize in weddings that need to maintain a tight budget and find a way to ensure everything meets your needs and standards. I’m here to make sure that each and every event I’m involved with is inspiring, extraordinary, and unforgettable.

I cant live without...

Ice coffee. I will never turn down an ice coffee!

What's one Thing people don't know about you?

I'm a burrito connoisseur! I could eat them everyday if I could.

Where is your dream vacation?

We planned to go to Japan in 2021 but our plans have been delayed, possibly 2022!

What Advice do you have for people getting married in 2021

BOOK IN ADVANCE! 2021 is getting to be a very busy wedding season.

What is one thing you enjoy doing on weekends?

I love going out to Homesense and Indigo with my dog on "dog dates" and getting 'puppuccinos'

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