12 Things You Can Do During a Global Pandemic!

Whether your postponing your wedding, its coming up in the next few months, or your still a year out. I have 12 things you can be doing from the comfort of your couch for your wedding! During these unknown times, a lot of couples are postponing weddings or having small elopements and celebrating at a later time with family. While this is not the most ideal situation, the one thing it does give you is more time to plan, and make your dreams a reality! So check out these 12 things you can do to prepare!

1.Get Inspiration!

Get some more inspiration, or "pinspiration" if you will. You can never have too many options. This is the time to lean into your instagram, pintrest, and get more creative designs, and let your eyes enjoy the pretty. Grab yourself some wine, or a glass of sparkling water and sit that "keester" on the couch and enjoy dreaming and the inspiration behind things. In a time that's unknown, its nice to pause and enjoy the small things you could add to your wedding.

2. Do More Research On Vendors And How You Want Your Day

You can never have "too much information". Researching is one of the most important things to do for your wedding. Even just being here and reading this blog would be considered researching. This is the time you can be looking up costs for vendors and looking over contracts. That way you can make educated decisions moving forward, and research will always equip you with more information on comparisons of your vendors.

3. Do Virtual Tours

Everyone, Venues have UPPED THEIR GAME! And let me tell you, I'm impressed! You can now take virtual tours of a venue, which is great if your distance planning, or cant make it to a booked tour. I don't think it replaces an actual tour by no means, but it is a step up from photos. So if you have not booked a venue, or your unable to go to the location, the virtual tour is a great alternative. If your venue does not have a virtual you, consider reaching out and saying "Hey, do you mind touring your property and facetiming, or "zooming" me as you walk threw and give me a break down?". Then you can go and see the venue for yourself when it is safe, and at least your still being productive.

4. Have You Figured Out Your Invites Or Way Of RSVP?

Have you considered a wedding website? While I know a lot of people prefer the good old ink and paper wedding invitations, a website allows for a hub of information and frequently asked questions. Can't remember the address of the location? Website. Want to look over the days activities and times? Website. Where are some local hotels or bed and breakfasts to stay after the wedding? Website. And in saying this, you do not have to forgo sending the invitations that your grandmother or aunt Susan will hold on to for a year or hang on the fridge for a conversation piece. But it does save you a lot of correspondence with your attendees and lets everyone in the loop know what options they have and you can even have a simple RSVP that is sent to your email. No more mail misshaps!

5. Get Your Guest Information

I KNOW you have been putting this off. And even now with all this time, your finding other things to do other than messaging everyone asking for the addresses's and how to spell their partners last name. Even if you have your wedding 18 months away. This is something you could be gathering rather then crunching with only a week before invites or "e-vites" go out to 100 guests.

6. Work On That Registry

Because right now is the perfect time for you to realize what you need in your home or what you want to upgrade. maybe you became a professional chef while in quarantine and decided you need a mixer and sous vide. Or maybe you discovered your not good chef and need a better microwave or a better cushions for the couch for enjoying those TV dinners. So this is the perfect time to find what decor you need to fill in the gaps in the walls, or even some new bedding since you have been laying in yours for 4 extra hours a day like I have.

7. Meet And Communicate With Your Choice Vendors

While we can't go out and get that engagement shoot or meet with the officiant for coffee, we can meet over a video call and discuss our ideas and where we want to go with them and if your a good fit. RIGHT FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

8. Price Your Grooms Attire With Him

Find out what places offer colours that would match your bridesmaids dresses, and whether you want black, blue, or a variation of gray. A lot of places for bridesmaids and groomsmen are paired and you can get matching colours. One company i know that does this is Moores and Davids Bridal. They offer a number of dresses and styles for everyone in a variety of cuts and fabrics, all while matching the colour you choose perfectly with your grooms mens attire. (Not sponsored by Moores or Davids Bridal, but just a great idea between the 2 companies)

9. Music!

Now is a perfect time to listen to that Spotify list of songs you think would be a good first dance song, or to look up that father-daughter dance, or mother-son dance. What better thing to do while searching the web and dancing in your Pj's than to listen to the mix of perfect songs fr your special day.

10. Do Nothing.

Yes I said it. Do nothing. In the time we currently have you don't have to stress about your wedding. It's a difficult time and give yourself some grace. If you do at least 2 things on this list, your being productive and your doing a GREAT job. Ignore the fact that you have to plan a wedding right now. Its hard times for so many, and you should be working on your mental health, and working on staying home and keeping yourself and others healthy and safe.

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